Abundance: Gettin' to the Money!

It's 2019 and let's just get right to it. A lot of us are plotting, vision boarding and working on manifesting more cash flow into our lives.

There are tons of different means in how to do this, but the main thing to remember is that money is energy. It's not to be demonized or simply spent, but used as a tool for creating and bringing the things we want into our experience.

Below are some resources for helping along your money manifestations.

We have the links to a live stream we did at the beginning of the year, plus we're linking to our Money Manifestin' Spotify playlist with my favorite songs to help me remember that I am a powerful Money Magnet! Click the links below to access the resources.

Link to the Abundance Livestream Replay

 Click here to access the link to our trap playlist on spotify

Use these techniques to call in more wealth, abundance, and prosperity in your life! I created the playlist because these are the songs I naturally listen to when I'm making your Prosperity OIls, During a Prosperity Quick Burn Ritual, head over to Neferphoenix to grab your prosperity drawing crystals like Pyrite and Green Aventurine <3

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