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Welcome, and Thank you for considering Joining The Hood Botanica Membership, or #Inner Court. Instructions will be below, but first, a little on the Memberships:
First off, all tiers receive the same perks and benefits.

The perks of the membership include (but are not limited to)

  • Monthly Group Divinations (via Oracle and Tarot) 🔮
  • Private Livestreams via Zoom twice a month (every other Sunday) 💻
  • Of Course, posts and content surrounding topics i do not discuss publicly
  • A Members’ only Podcast 🎙
  • Free, Discounted and/or early access to Courses, Digital Products AND Physical Products 😎
  • Access to Group Ceremonies (no extra charge), usually Transit based and based on the Monthly Divination 🕯
  • and more!

Here is some more on the Tiers:

I’m not here to tell you if you’re “ready” for the content we discuss in these tiers. Like all of the other tiers, it's not about exclusion, but specificity on the topics you’re most interested in.

🙏🏾 Tier 1: Thank You Tier: For those that want an introduction to the Membership and the content and also continue to help support the work we do in the Spiritual and Magical knowledge space. I’m reading a book that said (paraphrasing)

“When we get donations from supporters, it is God in disguise”

I’ll be sharing more from the book in a full post once I’m done reading it, 

but that quote is the essence of the Membership as a whole but especially Tier 1: Thank You

🤑💰 The 2nd Tier is remaining as the Money Mindset and Magic Tier, where we will be bringing content surrounding Money blockages, Manifestation, Abundance and specifically money, as well as the spiritual, magickal and mystical part of Money.

I’ll be going over thoughts, lessons and techniques that have helped support me as a full time entrepreneur as well as we will be going over new techniques I’m learning together. Until the Business Mentorship (more on that soon) is live, we will also be covering online side hustles, marketing tips and more!

🔮 The Third Tier is the Advanced Tier: Sages, Mages, & Spiritualists. This tier’s content will cover deeper topics within the occult and esoteric sciences

This tier goes over content that I wouldn’t usually expand on in public spaces, at least not without proper warnings and disclaimers. 

Here we learn not only techniques for self mastery, but step into doing work for others; as well as finding, creating and pursuing our personal Magnum Opus, or Great Work.

Tier 4 is the Everything Tier, for those of you who would like access to the content in each tier.

Before Purchasing a Membership, please Use the Log in feature to log into your account. If you don't have an account with Us yet, the Create Account link to create one.
After purchasing and subscribing to the Membership here you will receive an email with a link to your profile.

NOTE: Please use the SAME email for your Account with us AND at Check Out when purchasing the Membership, which will renew automatically every month.

Once you do this, come back to this page to access your content!
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