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Ase Tribe!

So with the shoppe updates every week we've been touching on different intentions as voted on by you then confirmed w Spirit. 

Now we've been holding livestreams during the week and before the shoppe opens, but I realized that obvs not everyone gets to access the livestreams 100% of the time, plus its easy to forget the exact intentions w so much going on.

So I'm writing a loooooong informational post on some info on the handmade products we provide and I will add to it as we go along. Keep in mind that these are my suggestions, and I implore you to add your own Ase + steps based on what Spirit tells you as you use the products. Nothing without intention.

We'll go over products first, then another article on the intentions!

Charmed Candles

Our hand poured 8oz tin candles feature 100% soy wax with organic herbs attuned to the frequency of the spell. These candles are conjured featuring incantations and rituals to fortify the intention that BOTH YOU AND I SET. We created a 7 day candle pdf for when we were selling glass candles and edited it for the new Tin Candles. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT A DRAFT (VENT, WINDOW, FAN) WILL AFFECT THE CANDLE BURN... These candles work best when burned through but can be snuffed and used when needed again (Unless its a cleansing candle) Here is a link to the pdf 


SpellBound Soaps

Our spellbound soaps are one of the most recent additions to our handmade items and were created with the intention of shortening the spiritual cleansing process. These items are not a substitution for a cleansing from a Spiritual Practitioner for deeper issues, but more of a supplement to the Spiritual baths you take at home for regular energetic cleansing.

I also recommend that you still take time out of your day to soak in a traditional bath, but the reality is that not every one has bathtubs. There are those of you that simply don't have the time to do this weekly, and this is where the spellbound soaps come in. There are also those of you that cannot do spellwork because of where or who you live with. The spellbound soaps come with my spellwork imbued, so now you can get your spells on in the privacy of your "you" time!

All soaps are handmade with herbal additions like the candles, featuring all natural colorant. You can use these as an everyday bar if you like (I do) but so they can last longer, I'd use them as a spell after my regular wash.

***For intentions that ATTRACT to you I recommend washing from toe to head after your normal wash.***

***For intentions that repel or cleanse (shadow work, kut + kleanse etc) wash head to toe.***

I tend to recite the intentions or affirmations related to the bar while washing. It doesn't have to be complex. For instance, with the King of Glory soap, I repeat "Wisdom of Solomon" over and over again. I was gonna give yall affirmations for each soap but you know what you want more than I do!. Let the intention flow to you, Let Spirit Speak to you. Affirm with Conviction + Confidence. No force necessary. 


Our hand crafted oils usually are made with a special blend of carrier oils depending on intention, including but not limited to castor, olive, sweet almond, black currant seed, rose hip, + vitamin e oils. Featuring all natural herbs + coloring if applicable. 

Suggested Order of Use: Feet, Womb Space, (even if you identify as male you still have your solar plexus as your creative center) Heart Space, Temples, 3rd Eye. When Applying your Oil, Picture Your Intention.

Apply in an upward motion for manifestations.

Can be used to fix and dress candles and as an offering in your works. I honestly used some oil on my door hinges when it was squeaky in place of WD40 lol. Uses are endless! We also have a digital course that covers step by step exactly how I create the oils I sell and use personally. Click here to access the Spell in A Bottle Course

Spiritual Bath:

We created a free pdf on your spiritual baths that you can download for free here with instructions and suggestions for your Herbal Healing bath. Made from a blend of epsom, dead sea, and pink himalayan salts, ground herbs (for easy clean up) , essential oils, and a blend of olive, sweet almond, grapeseed, avocado and black currant seed oils.

Spiritual Shower Scrub: 

Our Spiritual Shower scrub was created for those of you that don't have access to a bath tub to do your spiritual baths, or for those of you that want to get the herbal and cleansing benefits of a spiritual bath on a more regular basis. I use this scrub in the shower on any tense muscle areas or to exfoliate on a weekly basis. Created with the same ingredients listed for our spiritual baths. For regular use, I use about a quarter sized amount in the palm of my hand and scrub gently in a circular motion. Avoid scrubbing face or any sensitive areas. Really great for exfoliating the feet with extra oils to leave the skin feeling hydrated!

Not sure what other usage info yall need but I'm about to go write about the spell intentions before the shop update, so I'll add to this post as needed!



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    Would you consider special orders. Because Doll everytime I hit a button to check for product your sold out🤎🙃🥰


  • Peace and Blessing,
    I received my soaps, sample soap and crystals. The soap smell so good! It was worth the wait!!!
    Many Blessing and Love,
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