This Month's Offerings & Updates

This page was created as a quick access resource for upcoming offerings.



2024 Updates will be coming soon!! 


Ongoing Updates:

 ✨ Crystal Auction on Livestream: Babes, I have a confession, I've been hoarding crystals meant to be in the shoppe for YEARS now 😭😭😭

A livestream auction was suggested and I'm on it! Most of these crystals are still in original packaging, others have been used to boost product manifestations, group burns and more! they all been up in my house for years so they have some extra Juju on em!

Of course I will be cleansing them before we send the out!

Time and Date will be updated and announced here and on social media.

I have crystals of all sizes and will probably release a list of crystals before the auction.

If you're planning on participating, please create an account via the menu on the left. Include your most current shipping address, so that when the auction comes we can easily ship crystals via our website.


Text Messages from THB:

Folks have expressed their interest in signing up for a text message service so you don't miss an offering. We will be implementing this shortly and of course, promise not to spam or blow up your phone lol

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