Cosmic Alignment: The Power of the Lions Gate Portal| What is The Lions Gate Portal?

Welcome back to another post! Today we’re speaking on the Lion’s Gate Portal!


If you’ve been wondering “What is the Lion’s Gate Portal?” This post is for you! 

You may have seen posts popping up yearly, around early August speaking about this “Portal” and the opportunity to Manifest your wildest dreams but

What are the origins of this festival and how can we apply it to our spiritual and manifestation practice today? 🤔🤔🤔

If you’ve been here for a while you already know, I don’t want to just give you fluff, rainbows, glitter lions and unicorns. 


In this blog post, we will explore

  • the astrological significance of the portal,
  • its spiritual and manifestation capabilities,
  • details about Sirius A and B,
  • cosmologies related to these stars,
  • ancient Egyptian/Kemetic Cosmology, Deities,
  • and more!

Now usually on social media we see posts speaking of a specific day for the Lion’s gate portal, August 8th. This is because on the calendar, the date is 8/8 and baby do we love some repeating numbers in the spiritual community. 😭

In reality The Lions Gate Portal is a celestial event that occurs annually between July 26th and August 12th. 

As we know, the Gregorian Calendar we use in the west does have it’s basis in Egyptian Calculations (which we will discuss further) but keep your mind open to the possibility that the celebration period may have been a bit earlier or later in ancient times. Other sources state that it starts on June 21st, which we will explore later as well.

I’ll be adding in excerpts from various texts in this blog posts for your further research: “Egyptian Cosmologies- The Animated Universe”, and “Egyptian Divinities The All Who Are the One” both by Moustafa Gaddalla as well as the Metu Neter Volume One.

As a basis, 

Astronomically, the Lions Gate Portal is marked by the alignment of the Earth , the Sun, and the star Sirius, also known as the "Dog Star.

This cosmic phenomenon aligns the Earth with the star Sirius and the Great Pyramids of Giza. 


 With its roots in ancient Egyptian history, the Lions Gate Portal has gained immense significance in astrology, spirituality, and manifestation practices. 

Let’s dig deep into the Celestial Bodies, Cultures and Belief Systems surrounding this time.

As a note, this blog post is going to have multiple sections.

This is because 

  1. These Cultures and Beliefs should be shared and honored if we’re going to call ourselves “harnessing the power”

Honor to the Ancestors of Affinity before us that Give us the Wisdom

And 2. Yall can get the surface level “step through the portal and manifest abundance” ting on tik tok and Instagram. 

Allow the information to spark new ideas about what this time could truly mean for you for the year, not just when it’s trending.

Part 1: Modern Astrological Interpretation of the Lions Gate Portal

For current spiritualists and mystics The Lions Gate Portal holds great astrological significance, as it marks the time when the Sun is in the zodiac sign of Leo. Leo of course, is represented by the Lion, symbolizing courage, strength, and leadership.


This alignment is believed to amplify the energy of the Lion's qualities, encouraging us to embrace our inner power, express creativity, and step into leadership roles.

In ancient times, The “portal” was more connected to the rising of Sirius and the annual flooding of the Nile river.

Both of these attributions connected this time to multiple Kemetic “Deities” or Neter/u which we will expound on further!

Part 2: Spiritual and Manifestation Capabilities

Spiritually, the Lions Gate Portal is considered a potent time for transformation and spiritual awakening. 


During this period, cosmic energies are believed to be heightened, offering a unique opportunity for personal growth, healing, and self-discovery.

It is said that the energetic influx during this time facilitates the opening of higher consciousness and connection to spiritual realms.

Additionally, the manifestation capabilities associated with the Lions Gate Portal are rooted in Celestial Movements and various Laws of the Universe, such as the law of attraction and the law of assumption. 

As energies align, intentions set during this period are thought to be amplified, making it an ideal time for setting clear intentions, affirmations, and visualizations to manifest desires and goals.

There is also evidence that Ancient Egyptians believed that this time signified the Anniversary of the Creation of the Neter/u and celebrated this time as a “timeless” festival. I’m calling it a Cosmic Birthday Party! ❤️❤️


For these reasons, I also personally attribute this time to new beginnings and fertile time for New Creations, especially Big Creations….those tied to BIG DREAMS, our Life’s Purpose, etc.

I personally allow lore, cosmology and ancient stories to give me ideas on what these “portals” and Celestial Transitis assist us with.

As we explore Ancient beliefs and Deities below, think about what themes they represent and how we can apply that to our Modern day life, both mundane, spiritual and ritual.

Part 3: The Ancient Egyptian Calendar 

Sirius is a binary star system, consisting of Sirius A and Sirius B.

Sirius also goes by Sabt or the Dog Star. 


It is the brightest star in the night sky and holds a special place in various ancient cultures. 

The rising of Sirius, known as the "heliacal rising," coincided with the annual flooding of the Nile River, bringing fertility and prosperity to the land.

This is what is actually taking place during the Lions Gate Portal, and the basis for the Manifestation Power this Sacred time represents.

“Egypts' ingenious and very accurate calendar was based on the observation and the study of Sirius’ movements in the sky.

This fact is clearly acknowledged in the Webster’s dictionary, which defines the Sothic year as:

  • Of having to do with Sirius, The Dog Star

  • Designating or of an Ancient Egyptian cycle or period of time based on a fixed year

The Egyptians’ advanced knowledge in astronomy, as reflected in their calendar, was acknowledged by the great Strabo (64 BCE-25 CE), who wrote

‘They (The Egyptian priests) revealed to the greeks the secrets of the full year, whom the latter ignored as with many other things…”

“...The Ancient Egyptians know that the year was slightly over 365 1/4th days, The earth takes 365.25636 days to complete one revolution around the Sun...

...It should be noted that the chronology of 3000 years of Ancient Egyptian history by modern Egyptologists was made possible only because of the accuracy of the Ancient Egyptian Sothic calendar that followed the Heliacal rising of Sirius, The Dog Star of its annual duration of 365.25636 days…”

Another quote by the same author, from “Ancient egyptian Culture revealed” states that 

June 21 signifies the summer solstice, which marks the beginning of the Ancient Egyptian Calendar, which marks the beginning of the Sothic Cycle, The Egyptian Sothic cycle began with the heliacal rising of Sirius (Sabt) on the horizon…”

I’m posting this on July 23, 2023 so technically the “Lions’ Gate Portal” has been open since last month!

8/8 serves as a date with repeating numbers.

Numerology is very important in our study of nature and we know that nature is made up of numbers. 

So this is not to discount the power of 8, but to widen your view of the full portal.

Part 4: Astronomy: Sirius A & B

Let's get into some of the science behind Sirius A and B. 



This quote comes directly from Egyptian Cosmology: The Animated Universe by Moustafa Gadalla 

“The Greeks, Romans and other ancient sources affirmed that the Egyptians regarded Sirius as the great central fire about which our Solar System orbits.

Sirius’ movements are intimately associated with another companion star. Sirius and its companion are revolving around their common center of gravity (or in other words, revolving about each other). 

Sirius’ diameter is less than twice the diameter of our sun. It’s companion, however, has a diameter only about three times the diameter of Earth, yet it ways about 250,000 times as much as the Earth. It’s material is packed together so tightly that it is about 5,000 times as dense as lead.

Such a compression of matter means that Sirius’ companion atoms do not exist in their normal states, but are squeezed so closely together that many atomic nuclei are crowded into a space previously occupied by a single normal atom; i.e the electrons of these atoms are squeezed out of their orbits and move about freely (a degenerate state). 

This is the Egyptian Nun-The Neutron Soup- The origin of all matter and energy in the universe”

Wild right?!

We can see now that the Heliacal rising of Sirius is more than just the general spiritual buzz term “abundance”

It literally is made of the origin of ALL MATTER.

This is why this time is also heralded as a “birthday” for the “deities of the Egyptian Cosmology. 

If you know anything about the Neter/u they are less Deity and more Force of Nature

(Neter=Nature)... if you remember anything from science class, you also know that the state described above is the state of the universe before the “Big Bang”

The quote continues on to say:

“The movement of Sirius’ companion on its own axis and around Sirius upholds all creation in space, and as such is considered the starting point of Creation.”

The Ancients knew these things about Sirius thousands of years before western scientists. More on other cultures in the next section.

Part 5: Other Cultures Beliefs on Sirius and the Lion’s Gate Portal


The Dogon tribe, residing in Mali, West Africa, possessed a remarkably detailed knowledge of Sirius, particularly its companion star, Sirius B. 

This knowledge was first made known to the Western world by the French anthropologist Marcel Griaule and his collaborator Germaine Dieterlen, who studied the Dogon in the 1930s.

According to Dogon mythology, their ancestors were visited by advanced beings from Sirius, whom they referred to as the "Nommo."

The Nommo were described as amphibious beings who imparted knowledge and wisdom to the Dogon people. 

Nommo of the Dogon Tribe

They were believed to have descended to Earth in a spaceship, and their wisdom influenced the tribe's religious beliefs and culture.

The Dogon were aware of Sirius B, a faint white dwarf star that is invisible to the naked eye and was only confirmed by Western astronomers in 1970. 

(by the way: Remember the Intro to Beyonce’s “Black is King”? That visual was a representation of this belief within Dogon Cosmology” from the promo: “you who were formed by the heat of the galaxy, what a thing to be”

Black is King


Dogon cosmology accurately described the orbit of Sirius B around Sirius A and possessed knowledge of its density and characteristics. 

This astonishing knowledge led some to speculate about possible extraterrestrial contact or ancient astronomical knowledge shared through oral tradition.

Nubia & Sudan

The ancient Nubian civilization, which thrived along the Nile River in what is now Sudan, also held Sirius in high regard. 

The Nubian culture was closely linked to the Ancient Kemetic civilization, and they shared similar beliefs and deities.

For the Nubian people, the heliacal rising of Sirius was also associated with the beginning of the Nile flood season.

As the star rose in the eastern sky just before sunrise, it signified the imminent flooding of the Nile River.

This annual flooding was a vital event for agricultural prosperity, as it replenished the soil with fertile silt and allowed for successful crops.

Like the Egyptians, the Nubians connected the flooding of the Nile with the goddess Auset/Isis.

They celebrated festivals to honor her, which involved rituals, feasts, and offerings to ensure the Nile's abundant waters and blessings for the land.

Part 6: Ancient Egyptian History and Deities



In ancient Egyptian history, the Lions Gate Portal was associated with several significant deities and festivals.

Sirius was primarily linked to the goddess Auset, known as the Goddess Isis, often associated with fertility, magic, and protection. 

Let’s delve further into more Deities associated with Sirius: Auset/Isis, Sekhmet, Anubis/Anpu

Of course, we begin with the Divine Mother Auset. (Known to most as the Goddess Isis)

Auset Goddess

Now it would take like four more blog posts for me to delve into the complexities of Auset; but in short, Egyptian Divinites: The All who are the One describes Auset as

 “the Female Ra, 

The Lady of the Beginning of time,

 The prototype of All Beings, 

The greatest of the Neteru, 

The Queen of all of the Neteru.

 Auset is recognized in the Ancient Egyptian texts as the God-Mother…She- The feminine principle-- is the matrix of the created universe…”

(She is also called goddess of ten-thousand names)

On Auset and Sirius, the quote continues:

“As far back as the very remote periods of the Ancient Egyptian history Isis/Auset has been associated with the star Sirius, the brightest star in heaven, which is called, like her, the Great Provider

 and whose annual rising ushers in the Nile’s inundation and the beginning of the Egyptian Sothic year.

 It occurs when Sirius rises on the horizon together with the Sun and remains visible for a few moments until it fades with the advance of dawn.”

Anubis (Anbu, Ubuat, Web-Wawet):

Anubis/AnbuFull Animal Anubis/Anbu

Anubis represents the Divine Principle of the right sense of direction. His functions include

  • The Path Finder
  • The Alchemist Diet
  • The truth Finder

“…In the Isis/Osiris (Auset/Ausar) Allegory, it is Anubis that helps Isis find the scattered piecesof Osiris as the Manifestor of the Truth.”

One of the reasons Sirius is called the Dog Star is because of its association with Anbu better known as Anubis, the jackal-headed Neter.

“Anubis functions as: 

  • The Star of Auset/Isis-- The Great Provider and The Point of Origin in the Egyptian Calendar.
  • Anubis as the Dog Star is always shown leading the arks in their voyages toward the divine, As such, Anubis represents the Divine Guide.”

The goddess Sekhmet (Sekh-Mut, Sakhmet) ,

 Sekhmet Egyptian Goddess

often depicted as a lioness, was also honored during this time.

Sekhmet represented both destruction and healing energies, illustrating the transformative powers associated with the portal.

From Egyptian Divinities: The all who are the one:

"Sekhmet or Sekhmut is actually two words: Sekj and Mut-- Meaning Elder or the Den Mother.

As the Divine Den mother, she projects:

  • And urge/passion/desire/will to create
  • Passionate, tender loving care (come on TLC!)
  • Passionate, fearless protection of her creation.”

I personally believe that Sekhmet’s depiction lends more to the Energy of the “Lion” than just Leo season, but that's just me! 🤷🏾‍♀️

There are other entities, such as Satis, Selkis, Sothis and others that are associated with Sirius because they represent an aspect of Auset & The feminine Principle; Or are associated with Consorts who together represent the union of Sirius A & B.

One of the festivals celebrated during the Lions Gate Portal was the "Feast of the Breaking of the Nile." 

This event marked the beginning of the annual flooding of the Nile, which was essential for agriculture and the prosperity of Egypt.

It was a time of joy, festivities, and gratitude for the life-giving waters.

Part 7 : The Astronomical Event Herald by the Lions Gate Portal

As we stated earlier The Lions Gate Portal heralds the alignment of Earth with the star Sirius, which is believed to be the home of advanced, spiritually evolved beings. 

Some spiritual traditions believe that during this alignment, a “portal” opens, connecting Earth to the wisdom and guidance of these higher-dimensional beings.

Over the next couple of weeks you’ll probably get all types of messages, both on social media and possibly spiritually, in meditation etc.

You may feel a call to shed things that no longer serve you, Cleanse more...

You might be organizing your space, Feeling the need to declutter etc.

You may also be thinking about your goals,

shedding the past,

feeling inspired (but not exactly sure why)

you may also be feeling physically hot, tired or both during this time.

The most important thing to remember is to take care of yourself first.

You don’t have to get it all together by 8/8 cuz baby, the portal is already open!

To Wrap up:

The Lions Gate Portal is a fascinating and significant cosmic event that brings together astrology, spirituality, manifestation, and ancient history. 

It is a time of transformation, spiritual awakening, and connection to higher consciousness.

By understanding and embracing the energies of the Lions Gate Portal, individuals can tap into its potential for personal growth, healing, and manifestation. 

As we honor the ancient traditions and wisdom associated with this celestial phenomenon, we open ourselves to the infinite possibilities the universe has to offer!



Before we go I want to leave yall with some affirmations relating to the Lion’s Gate portal yall can use and tweak to fit your ideals and desires!

  • "I embrace the cosmic energies of the Lions Gate Portal, opening myself to new beginnings and infinite possibilities."

  • "I am a powerful being, aligned with the courage and strength of the Lion's energy during the Lions Gate Portal."

  • "As the Sun aligns with Sirius, I ignite my inner fire, stepping into my true power and leadership potential."

  • "During the Lions Gate Portal, I release all that no longer serves me, making way for positive change, prosperity and growth."

  • "I am a channel for divine wisdom and cosmic knowledge, accessing higher consciousness during the Lions Gate Portal."

  • "With each sunrise of the Lions Gate Portal, I welcome transformation and spiritual awakening into my life."

  • "As the energies align, I manifest my heart's desires effortlessly and in harmony with the universe."

  • "The cosmic forces of the Lions Gate Portal support my intentions, amplifying the manifestation of my dreams."

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