Occult & Academic Library- Modern Library of Alexandria- Wes' Academic Folder Link

Wanted to pop in before I forget and share the link to Wesley's (IG @Orphadimotaa) Academic Folder, nicknamed the Modern Library of Alexandria! 

Wes only pops up on social Media every few months and when he does he leaves more and more resources to honor his Mother who was a Librarian.

Here is the Updated Version of the Folder (if you've had access to previous links they may be broken) 

This folder contains 911 (NINE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN) FILES  on Academic Topics, Language, Occultism and Magic, History of Enslavement in different areas and SO MUCH MORE.

PLEASE take advantage of this completely free link. 


for yourself if nothing else, 

but in Honor of the Amazing Legacy that Wes' Mom started to manifest this vast library for us.

the link and the books can be accessed here! 

Please be mindful of the hard work of others and share the links to help others!

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xoxo Nefer

Thanks again Wes!

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