Psalms for Justice: Ancient Spells for Modern Legal Matters

Blessed Jupiter Day!

I’ve been promising this post for a little while now, and I’m grateful to finally share with you!!

As many of you know, I usually do not provide one on one rituals or workings; with the exception of Court Cases and Justice workings.

Many of you have hit me up over the last few months reaching out for assistance, which made me decide on a Court Case group working, but with this, that or the other; even that working has fallen by the wayside

So today I decided to share with you some keys on how I perform Justice Workings and Court Case workings primarily using the Psalms!


Now, this post isn’t going to get into why I use the Psalms in workings in general,

why they work or how they work etc etc as we have content on the way breaking that down (which I will link here for your reference when its done)

I’m assuming that if you clicked on this post, you already know about the magical power of the Psalms and don’t need any convincing. You’re here to be able to utilize them in your own workings and on the behalf of others (friends, family clientele)

Most of us are familiar with the Power of the Psalms by Anna Riva and it’s breakdown of what each of the 150 Psalms can be used for, and she mentions in the introduction that

 “Seventy three of the Psalms are attributed to David, twelve to Asaph, eleven to the sons of Korah, two to Solomon, one to Moses, one to Ethan, and fifty are anonymous in origin, though some of these were probably written by David”

Understanding the context of the Biblical Narrative, the authors of the Psalms were kings, law givers, followers of the law of their people, etc etc



Not only does this make the Psalms great for Justice and Court Case workings,

as some of these characters were literally judges and the Kings would've been the highest judge and enforcer of the law during their reign;

But for myself, after using the Psalms in Justice workings for myself and many others over years now, helps give added nuance to the Psalms we use in which situations and why.

For that reason, I’ll be dividing the list into a couple of different sections, as every legal situation is different.


In this Blog post (and in General) When I use the term “Justice” I am referring to not only legal situations that happen in an actual courtroom but also situations where the legal system either will not get involved or for whatever reason (🙄) did not or will not serve true Justice.

This can also be for other issues where an injustice is happening/has happened dealing with home, school, work, protests, civil rights etc.

Court Case for me, refers to an actual court case or mediation/settlement scenario, whether it is held physically or not.


These Biblical characters were not only Moral and Societal Judges but Spiritual and Religious leaders. For me this also gives us nuance to the importance of Universal and Spiritual Law, as well as the Law of the land.

For example, I use and recommend different Psalms in Child Custody Cases vs something like traffic court.

Additionally, I tell my clients: “Let me know if you did it” there is no judgment, and “innocent” and “guilty”, especially in America, doesn't always mean right and wrong

but if you were doing 100 mph in an 40 mph area in a school zone; we have to approach the working quite differently; because at the end of the day, you broke a law you were aware of as well as endangered others.


Based on the context, I will be noting the Psalms that I DO NOT use when the person is “guilty”

On the other hand, we know as Spiritually attuned people that not every Law in your respective country is actually Morally, Spiritually or Universally “right”. 

This is another reason I do like using the Psalms in workings where laws like this are a part of the case because we can lean on “Divine Law” in relation to the Biblical context.

You don’t need to believe in or serve the Biblical God for the Psalms to work in your favor. 

The Power of the Psalms has been believed by and used by millions of people over thousands of years, and the “rules” of Chaos Magick tell us we can lean on that belief, whether we serve David’s God or not. 

IMO though, Respect is the Minimum when working based on the belief of any Deity but that’s just my opinion!


We will get into the Psychology and Magic of the Psalms in other content if you would like!

This list of psalms can be used individually based on the situation you or the person you are working for is dealing with. 

If you have the Power of the Psalms, you know that some of the Psalms have individual recommendations for repetition, Candle Colors etc, so I won't be repeating those here; But I will add any suggestions from other varying sources, both intuitive, personal and from occult teachings.

In my personal workings I utilize Planetary Days and Hours to enhance the effectivity of my workings, among MANY other beneficial reasons.

Thursday is associated with Jupiter and can be used to assist with Justice workings as well as workings for luck.

Sunday is associated with the Sun of Course and is associated with workings for impressing or influencing those in Power such as judges.

Mars can also be used for Battle and Victory  (I know Nike is victory in that pantheon but Nike don’t have a planet) (You can also utilize the Hours of these planets for more precision.)

I can't get into everything here, so on May 18-19 we will be discussing Planetary Magick 101 in depth over two days! You can learn more here! If you cannot make it live, the replay will be held in a classroom setting where you can ask further questions 

The list is not in any order of importance, rank or potency, just how I wrote things down as I was collecting the info for this post.

Some people write the Psalm on paper and burn a candle along with it, some people recite the Psalms out loud as well as use repetition of the Psalms and Numerology to heighten the power of the intention. 

It's up to you, and I do all of em.

As a last note before we begin:

 any one of these Psalms can work Individually, and I have found the best results when we layer, ie use Multiple Psalms over numerous days and customize their use to the specific scenario.

Lets get into it!

(going forward if I use the term working, spell etc I am referring to Justice and Court Case workings, not any and all spellwork)

First and foremost, before any working; we utilize the following two Psalms

- Psalms 57 + Psalms 65 For Success, Fortune and Luck in all Undertakings.

( I would defleeee add these two Psalms if you actually did the thing.)

Continuing with Psalms for Justice/ Court Cases

Psalm Number


Instruction (If applicable)

Things to Note


Justice in Court Cases, Psalm for Luck

Pray 3 Times before Sunrise


Ensure a Just Verdict in Court

Use vs 8-10 specifically before you go see the judge. 



Before a Battle, For a Favorable Verdict in Court

(Can be used if you are “guilty”)


When in danger of imprisonment 

Carry Verses 9-11 on your person if possible, written on a piece of paper



Victory in Court Case

Recite Early before sunrise 3 days in a row leading up to the case, then Carry V 1-9 on Parchment into the courtroom with you (if in person)

(Can be used if you are “guilty”)


Protect yourself in Court

Go outside, and facing the East, recite verses 20-22 Seven Times before Court

(Can be used if you are “guilty”)


Deliverance from an Unjust situation

Use the full Psalm but focus on Verse 1


When suffering injustice

Focus: Vs 2-6

Can be used when the legal system is breaking Divine/Universal or Human Rights


For going before Judges or Important people

Recite at sunrise and sunset, recite 3x over pure olive oil and anoint your face hands and feet before meeting w. The person

This can extend to work, or school situations, or cases where there may be arbitration or mediation


When seeking justice

Verse 9 focus, recite with “childlike trust”

Can be used when the legal system is breaking Divine/Universal or Human Rights


Assure Justice in Legal Proceedings 

Recite with “proper devotion”

(Can be used if you are “guilty” v 8)

Next, If someone is already in Jail or being detained

Psalms 71 will help you receive the power of liberating one from Prison. This may be through Spiritual Means, new information, etc

Psalms 67- Should be used in the case of a person in “severe imprisonment”

And Psalms 89- for “if your friend is under arrest and facing imprisonment, go to an open field, raise your eyes to heaven and recite the psalm in full confidence.

The Next Section will be Psalms to add to your work if you or the person you are working for is “guilty”.

This would be in scenarios like traffic cases, or other scenarios:

 For example running a red light because your friend was in the passenger side about to give birth; stealing from a store to feed a child or something along those lines

These are scenarios where yes, a law of the land may have been broken; but the overall intention was in favor of Divine or Universal Human rights (I hope that makes sense)

I am not here to condemn or condone any actions, but if someone is out here intentionally harming people and they think that “Justice” Psalms will work in their favor, or excuse horrible actions, in my experience; they are sadly mistaken.

We’re not running through every stop sign we see just because we have Psalms for Victory in Court Cases, feel me?

Any spiritual or magickal tool that is abused will be dealt with Cosmically, period; and I wanna make that clear with this blog post!

(Just because you no longer “believe” in Big Sandals doesn’t mean their “power” is non-existent. Remember, millions of people have put power into the Entities and Characters for thousands of years before you or I were even a thought.)

If you are "guilty", you can absolutely use some of the Psalms listed above, as long as you check the notes.

Additionally in these cases I layer additional Psalms, choose what resonates with the scenario:

Psalms if you're "guilty"

  • 75- forgiveness from those who you have hurt
  • 5- Can also be used “for special favors”
  • 6- Mercy from others (verse 2 focus)
  • 25- Forgiving yourself (Inner work/Shadow work first!!)
  • 31: 17-18: For Escaping Scandal
  • 32:5: For Divine Compassion for those who transgress
  • 36: Receive Divine Grace
  • 51: Quiet the pangs of a guilty conscience (recite 3x a day)
  • 61: When in trouble with the Law
  • 66: Gratitude for Deliverance
  • 32: Receive Grace and Mercy
  • 62: Receive Holy Blessing/ “covers” transgressions (Recite once a day starting Sunday, in the evenings after Sunrise)
  • 119: 70-80: For Grace and Favor before God and Man
  • 120: Grace and Favor before a Judge
  • 122: Grace and Favor before someone “In high station”

Here are some other Psalms I have used in workings and you can consider if you decide to layer the Psalms for maximum effectivity, and customization

  • 1: Diminish the strength of an enemy, protection from those who wish to harm you , turn from harmful associations (some of them raggedy friends gon get you in trouble!!)
  • 2: Destroy ones enemies, relieve tension
  • 3: Conquer all fears
  • 9: Overcome all evil forces, reduce the power of enemies
  • 11: triumph over adversities
  • 12: overcome malicious gossip; protection from anxiety
  • 13: in times of trial
  • 14: Prevail against misfortune
  • 18: Deliverance from all enemies
  • 23: Serenity and Peace of Mind/Protection/ Really that GIRL when it comes to the Psalms
  • 24: In times of need
  • 28: To disarm all adversaries
  • 33: for use when feeling fearful
  • 35: Help when falsely accused
  • 36: Quiet the tongues of those who gossip
  • 39: Peace of Mind
  • 7: Overcome enemies plotting against you
  • 58: Suppress liars

Again, you can use the Psalm that resonates with your scenario the most, by itself; you can use multiple Psalms of your choosing etc

In my workings I often use 10-20 or more Psalms depending on individual or group workings and the severity of the charge/case.


Not telling you what to do, or guaranteeing anything with this post, just laying out information based on my experience and simply the truth.

For herbs/Roots I usually include

  • Valerian Root
  • Motherwort (especially in custody cases)
  • St Johns Wort
  • High John the Conqueror root
  • Low John root
  • Red brick Dust
  • Salt/Pepper
  • Blue Candles (Color Associated w. Jupiter)
  • Tin (metal of Jupiter)

I’ll link testimonials for sure, and it’s all Praises to the roots, the Wisest King, his father and the Most High.

link 1


link 2


link 3


Let me know if you have any questions or other requests for Psalms or other #BibleMagick content!!




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