Queen of the South: Empress Makeda Livestream Replay


Empress Makeda Incense road
If you haven't been following us for a while, let me get you up to speed! We've been livestreaming on Wednesdays our version of a Bible study, because about 90% of you are exploring Afrakan Spirituality coming from Abrahamic Faiths (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) 
Black and white empress makeda
We break down misconceptions + open perspectives around biblical characters and events and how they relate to our indigenous practices. We start every #HoodBibleStudy with the basis that every major story in the Bible can be found in Heiroglyphs in Kemet/Ancient Egypt dating THOUSANDS of years before the first words of the bible were recorded.
In this livestream, we covered Empress Makeda, better known as the Queen of Sheba. We expanded the few lines found in the Bible surrounding this Powerful Empress and explored into the Kebra Negast + even Ethiopian Oral Tradition to show more about who this Amazing Empress was. 
From her Wisdom, Beauty, Military Prowess, there is so much surrounding this Ancient Empress, and we didn't even touch on some of the Lore surrounding Bilquis + the stories surrounding the Empress in the Islamic tradition!
Some Scholars believe Her Empire included what we know now as Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen, Lower Egypt and more!

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