Breaking Down Celestial Magick: Day of The Week You Were Born + the Power it Holds For Your Purpose + Practice

Hey tribe, this post is long overdue, but I’m grateful for the mental clarity, space and time to finally bring you a blog post spilling some tea on the energies that rule each day of the week!
It’s so amazing to have access to all types of tools, and yes I mean tools, (meaning you gotta put em to work) to learn more about ourselves and our journey through this realm.
 Everything from birth chart readings to finding out about your life path number, sun, moon, and rising signs, and even within astrology as you explore your chart via Tropical, Sidereal and or Vedic astrology.
As most of you know though, it can get super overwhelming to keep track of the meanings of the transits, trines and squares, along with all these numbers, chiiiillle for me it’s been like learning another language.
Maybe because it is another language. The language of the Cosmos.
 As I often tell you,
 “as a descendant of the original people, our first ancestors are the Cosmos”
 I truly believe we are created from Stardust, as many African Spiritual Traditions will also explain in their creation stories.
With that being said, over the last almost year, I’ve been introduced to learning more about including the Planets in my magickal work and self assessment.
 I am NOT an Astro Girl in the traditional sense. I really can't tell you nothing bout a square, conjuct or trine lol, So this method has really given me some insight on how I handle things on a day to day basis,  as I learn more about my birth chart and life path number, etc.
The first introduction that made the most sense to me was through a system of magick claimed to be purported by the Biblical King Solomon.
king solomon and empress makeda the hood botanica
 The Bible tells us that King Solomon was granted wisdom and knowledge of planet and animals. Lore tells us that he was also able to communicate with animals, as well the entities that govern the planets in our solar system.
 We often focus on ancestral assistance and earthly spirits, but King Solomon explains that all the Planets have entities in the Spiritual realm as well, and we can gain access to them via The teachings within Solomonic magick,
Excerpt from The Key of Solomon introduction
“... unto whom He hath made subject the whole
Earth and its inhabitants, and hath given unto Him means by which He may render the Angels
familiar, as I call those Celestial creatures who are destined: some to regulate the motion of the
Stars, others to inhabit the Elements, others to aid and direct men, and others again to sing
continually the praises of the Lord. Thou mayest then, by the use of their seals and characters,
render them familiar unto thee, provided that thou abusest not this privilege by demanding from
them things which are contrary to their nature; for accursed be he who will take the Name of God
in vain, and who will employ for evil purposes the knowledge and good wherewith He hath
enriched us.”
Now, I can’t go into EVERYTHING about Solomonic magick here, but we are having a class on where we will go more in depth on the USE of this system within your ritual practices.
We have also been setting the stage for understanding Solomonic Magick through our Wednesday #HoodBibleStudy live-streams on Instagram at 5pm pst.
 (I’d recommend reading into the biblical, Judaic and Islamic stories of King Solomon, as well as the Testament of Solomon to get started with Solomonic Magick to get a better understanding before Diving into the Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon.)
But through working with Solomonic Magick, I have learned so much more about the Spiritual significance and power held in each day of the week.
On twitter @KNeferhetep was one of the first people I saw speak on the significance of the weekdays, and fasting on those days with Spiritual Intention.
On a side note, I've been practicing this for a while now and It has changed, grown and eased my connection to Spirit as well as established discipline outside of my "Spiritual Life"
Khensu The Reminder
 Since then, I’ve been tailoring my spellwork and your products to be created on specific days of the week to get that extra oomph from the entities, which I refer to as a whole as “The Celestials”
Now I always say if you need to get some work done, get it done but I also prefer to work with Nature, rather than against it. If waiting to do spellwork on a certain day means I can get assistance from not only a whole PLANET, but all the Entities willing to help on said Planet? Baybayyyy I can be patient. 
(Just an fyi though, each planet also governs an hour of the day, so with some calculations, you still can get assistance when you need it. That gets a little more complex, depending on your city and the date that you are performing the spell; s we wont dive in here.)
 Since we’ve joined twitter, I’ve been tweeting daily content alluding to the nature of the Celestials, and how their power on their day of the week can assist in various different spellwork depending on the day.
 Earlier this week I tweeted
And many of you replied with the day of the week you were born, and what that meant for you!
 So of course, The Celestials were super pleased and had me channeling for most of the day! I wanted to create a blog post so that you all could reference the downloads anytime you need to!
 A couple weeks ago I also spoke a bit on "manifestation modalities" and how some of you are working against your natural forms of manifestation techniques.
 I.e feeling like your candles aren’t working, but your chart contains water, meaning a spiritual bath might be more effective.
Based on this facebook post floating around
From there I started to break down the days of the week plus suggested spells, so I'll also include the element the planet aligns with in the chart.
This will vary based on Indian, Western or Chinese systems of Astrology, for instance Jupiter is said to rule Ether (Spirit), Air and Wood, respectively.
I’m basically choosing the one that resonates with what I know about the Nature of the Celestials that rule that planet, but please feel free to do your research and educate yourself on the other classifications!
This system within Solomonic magick can get very very detailed and complicated, so just to be clear, this is my way of breaking down the principles of this ancient magic in a way that is helpful and actionable to non practitioners of Solomonic Magick.
 This is a VERY BASIC Breakdown of the Planets, Celestials, and the Immense Power that your Day of Birth holds for you.
 Heres a chart you can use to reference the information, then I’ll add the message below (you might have to Zoom in)
Celestial Weekday Magick Chart The Hood Botanica
Celestial Weekday Magick Chart The Hood Botanica
Celestial Weekday Magick Chart The Hood Botanica

Sunday Babies aka The Soldiers that see the Sun at Midnight word to Rick Ross

Sunday is ruled by The Sun! The channeled message for my Sunday babies was
Sunday babies must Never dim their inner light. It’s vital to the existence of those around you.”

Monday aka Moonday aka My Lunatics

Monday is ruled by the Moon, Which is rules the element of water
(remember that the moon pulls the tide all over the world)
The message for Mondays babies was
‘Y’all can cool or swell the emotions of a room by just walking in.
This is not only a gift, it’s a responsibility. Keep this in mind.
Y’all show people who they are FOR REAL. Funny cuz most people rarely see ALL of you”.
You are the mediums of the week like the Saturnites, and have a very strong connection with spirits. You help connect the Spiritual Realm to the terrestrial.

Tuesday Babies aka The Martians

Tuesday is Ruled by Mars, God of War which rules the element of Fire. That should tell you what you need to know, but the channeled message was
“My Tuesday babies carry the idea of the Tower, Oya, Kali Ma, vibrations.
We purify with Fire.
We destroy to rebuild.
Our work on earth is accepting this, so we can pull up when needed, and learning how to transmute the energy when its not”
“I believe the Tuesday babies share some of the Power of the Tongue as the Mercurials do, but more in an
‘action speaks louder though’
Your anger could burn the whole planet, Your love restores it again.”

Wednesday Babies: The Mercurials

The Power of the Tongue is Truly Yours. Watch how you speak on yourself and your endeavors. Your words go straight to the heavens,as do your thoughts. If you thought it, you said it, and if you said it, it is DONE. Speak life into others, every chance you get. A curse from a Wednesday baby is one I DO NOT WANT”

Thursday Babies aka The Jovials

Wealth and expansion is in the palm of your hands! Yall spread joy so effortlessly to others, don’t forget some for yourself. You know the joy that a baby laugh brings? It flows from you effortlessly. The world needs you now more than ever. Your light brings the cleansing of the hearts.

Friday Babies aka the Venusians

The Venusians are the ones that whisper the ideas of greatness to us. You give us the example of what we can achieve when we realize our connection to The Creator. You are the muses of the week. People think yall are all hearts and fluff but in my experience, the Venusians are as War ready as the Martians (Tuesday Babies)

Saturday babies aka Saturnites

Saturday babies sow the seeds for us and tend to the harvest. Yall literally hold the earth together and You are the mediums of the week like the Lunatics (Monday babies), and have a very strong connection with spirits. You help connect the Spiritual Realm to the terrestrial.

I hope this all made sense and opened your eyes on tools for manifestation that may be more aligned with your day to day personality. Of course, you’re open to trying all kinds of things and keep what works for you!


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  • This is extremely helpful. I recommend it to everyone I know. Friday suggested work for friendship is interesting, but I’m not sure how that would work. I’ve never seen a practical application for those kind of spells


  • Thank you so so incredibly much for sharing this gift with us. I’ll share with as many people as I can. So many blessings to you for finding it in your heart to channel these messages for the collective. This lunatic is sending you alllll of my love 💜


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