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GROUP CEREMONY READ CAREFULLY: New Moon in Libra (Submissions Close 11/11 11pm EST!!!)

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GROUP CEREMONY READ CAREFULLY: New Moon in Libra (Submissions Close 11/11 11pm EST!!!)

Thank you again for trusting me with your intentions and Magic!



🌑 New Moon in Sidereal Libra ♎️ 

🕯 Group Ceremony for the Collective ✨🕯

This month, I was only going to do a Full Moon Ceremony, but when I looked at the transits and the grimoires, there are some amazing Money, Finance, and Abundance Opportunities with the Energy surrounding this transits

    During this burn we will be working with Planetary, Solar and Lunar Energy and Transits to Usher in the Ancient Intentions associated with The Moon in Sidereal Libra as well as The settling of the recent Eclipses Revelations.

    It is said the Energy of the New Moon starts around 3 days before the New Moon and Three Days After.

    Remember, With Eclipses, Themes can continue to play out and unfold for 30 days, 6 months and even up to a year when the Same Eclipse Transits xyz Zodiac Sign.

    I consult various sources to determine the best course of action, supported by the Planets for our Group Ceremonies.

    According to The Lunar Mansions and High Ceremonial Planetary Magick, this specific transit is used for:


    ✨ Financial Security

    ✨ Friendship & Love

    🕯 Promotions

    ❤️ Healing

    as well as 

    🔮 Trade

    💎 Business

    💎 Wealth

    ❤️ And Prosperity!


    ⏳ Time Will Only Be revealed to Participants, for Your Psychic Protection 🔮⚔️👁

    💌Further details, such as exact transit and suggestions from the ancient Sages, Psalms, etc will be emailed to participants once submissions close 💌

    By no means are we claiming that one Ceremony will make all your dreams come true; yall know we're very practical in the Targets for our Group Ceremonies.

    This Ceremony is to Begin to the start and continuation of the intentions above and it starts with your personal petition. 

    For Best Results, Please tailor your Petition (do not send to me) to the  attributes listed above. Group Burn participants will receive further details on the specifics of these transits and what we will be tapping into.

    Between now and the start of the ceremony it is highly suggested that you

    • Take time to consciously think about and write out your desires or a vision you see for yourself..
    • Participants should be preparing by utilizing personal cleansing modalities:

      🛁 Spiritual Bath or Shower

      🗣 Fasting from Gossip, Idle talk and Complaining

      📱 Electronics and/or Social Media Detox/Fast

      💧 Hydrating Extra this week and next week

      📝 Journaling your Thoughts

      💎 Allowing support from Gentle Crystals, Gemstones, Herbs 🍃, Teas ☕️

    This Ceremony is Donation Based, No Minimum Amount Required , Donate from the Heart and Focus on the Outcome of this Ceremony❤️🙏🏾

    More details will be emailed  after you complete the following instructions:

    • The Ceremony is marked as 0.00 for email notification purposes. Please go through check out as you normally would
    • When you check out completely, you will be given an order number IN YOUR EMAIL please note it. 
    • For donations via cashapp etc: PLEASE ADD "DONATION #1234(add your actual order number)" to the messages on cashapp or paypal. DO NOT FORGET DONATION THEN THE NUMBER!
    • Donations should only be sent to Usernames here or through custom tips at checkout. I WILL NOT GIVE YOU MY DONATION LINKS THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA. DO NOT SEND TO ANY OTHER PLACES BUT THE FOLLOWING:
    • CA$HAPP: $NEFERPHOENIX ⚡️ ⚡️ VENMO; NeferSheba
    • Once I receive your donation (thank you) I'll mark your order as fulfilled. That will be the confirmation that I got your submission. Check email and spam for confirmation.
    • Donations for The Ceremony will Close Saturday November 11th 11pm  EST
    • Write and keep your petition between purchase and June 19th DO NOT SEND TO ME (Name and Bday in notes is optional, but not needed)
    • Further instructions will be emailed to participants as the time approaches, This will be an interactive working. This is the difference with Ceremonial Magick and Our Group Burns.
    • Once you join, Don't Share the details of your participation with anyone. If you would like to support on social media (thank you), please share and retweet, but no need to tell folks you joined. This is for YOUR protection.
    • You will be emailed an unlisted Youtube link with a short recreation of the Ceremony. NOT the actual ceremony to be clear. This is for Your Protection.

    Excited to be of Service,



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