Bible Magick 101 & 102: A Hood Bible Study Workshop

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Bible Magick 101 & 102: A Hood Bible Study Workshop

Its time for our next live class!!

You all submitted the topics and voted on instagram & twitter and Bible Magick won the poll!

Here is our tentative schedule for this 2day workshop!

Day 1: Intro to Bible Magick

  • Intro to Bible Magick: History & Cultural Origins
  • Psalms: Background, Info, Usage in Magick
  • Jesus the Magician + A Discussion on Jesus as an Ascended Master outside of Church and Religion

Day 2: Occult Hood Bible Study

  • Occult Keys for Success
  • Psalms: A Deeper Dive into the Occult usage of the Psalms
  • Mindset and Approach to Occult Bible Magic

and of course, we will have discussions throughout with the topics and questions you may have!

Of course, the ENTIRE Bible can't be covered in a two day class, but I wanted to cover some of the bigger themes and a lot of things we have never covered before, publicly or in the Membership.

This class will either be held the weekend of the 27th and 28th or the first weekend in August, the 3rd and 4th; but I will keep you updated as I got sick unexpectedly this week so I want to be sure I give myself time to recover and pull the best class possible together!

Over the next few weeks, If there is any topic you'd like us to cover please be sure to note your questions for the Workshop!

If you cannot make it to one or both days, you will have access to the Replay in a classroom setting where you can ask further questions and we can continue to interact!

Thank you for your suggestions and votes! I'm super excited for this Workshop, if you loved our #HoodBibleStudy livestreams, you will LOVE this Workshop!

Grab your ticket today!

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