"Business is Business" Consultation/Reading (Mercury RX Boost)

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"Business is Business" Consultation/Reading (Mercury RX Boost)

The Planet Mercury Rules Business and during Retrograde periods, we are called to revisit, review and renew!

For many new, aspiring and existing business owners who know about these transits; we end up naturally revisiting old ideas, business models and more!

We review what's working and what isn't and re-adjust for the future!

With this energy in mind, we introduce 

The "Business is Business" Consultation/Reading; a mini-version of our Spiritual Business Consultations!

This is an EMAIL consultation featuring a short questionnaire and tarot reading

for new, aspiring, and existing businesses.

It focuses on ideas, possible blockages, imposter syndrome, and other mental, emotional, and spiritual themes that entrepreneurs encounter on a daily basis.

You can include specific questions or default to a general reading which will include

  • questions about the current energy and mindset around your business
  • blockages, if any and how to clear them
  • suggestions based on planetary alignment & Planetary days and hours

Get a personalized and insightful reading to help gain clarity on your business goals and navigate your career path. 📝 🔮✨

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