Guardian Angel Guidance Consultation

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Guardian Angel Guidance Consultation

This is currently a Pre-Order Consultation meaning these Consultations will be started in the Beginning of June. 

Documents will be sent at the Beginning of June for you to take the Course and complete the Questionnaire. If you are in the #InnerCourt Membership, the Course is under General Announcements, so you can access the Course before then. 


🌟 Introducing "Guardian Angel Guidance" Consultation 🌟

Are you seeking clarity and guidance from the Angelic realms?

Our Guardian Angel Guidance consultation offers a unique opportunity to discover and connect with your three guardian angels.

Based on ancient Occult Angelic systems and practices through a personalized email-based consultation, you will receive detailed insights about these celestial beings and how they can support you on your life's journey.

But that's not all! In addition to learning about your guardian angels, you'll also receive a tailored tarot card reading. This reading will focus on a specific question, issue, or goal you have in mind, providing you with valuable insights and guidance for the path ahead.

As a bonus, you'll gain access to an audio mini-course that covers an overview of this specific set of Angels and the Ancient Magick, Rituals and Powers associated with them.

This course will deepen your understanding of these divine beings and how their energies can positively influence your life.

Here's how it works:

1. Grab Your Slot for the Guardian Angel Guidance consultation.
2. Take the Mini Course

3. Fill out a questionnaire that will be sent to you via email.
4. Receive your personalized slideshow, including information about your guardian angels and the tarot card reading results, delivered straight to your inbox!

To get started, simply check out with the consultation, you will be given a file to download that will contain links to the Audio Course and send your filled-out questionnaire to


 Your journey to enlightenment and guidance awaits!

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