REPLAY: RITUAL 101: Formulae for Manifestation

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REPLAY: RITUAL 101: Formulae for Manifestation
REPLAY: RITUAL 101: Formulae for Manifestation

🔮 **Ritual 101: Formulae for Manifestation** 🔮


This class already happened! We ended up with over 13 Hours of Content over 2days!

The replay is held in a classroom setting where you are able to interact with other students as well as continue to ask questions!

& The Class didn't end with the Live Zoom! Content will be added as needed over time and all resources, links, and slides will also be uploaded to the Ritual 101 Classroom!

We also created a pinterest board for this class!

Click here to access the Ritual 101 Pinterest Board

 Continuing previous content below

Are you ready to unlock the science behind manifestation and transform your reality through the power of ritual?

Join us for a two-day live class on Saturday, April 13th and Sunday, April 14th, 2024 where we'll delve into the art and science of ritual crafting for manifestation.

**Chosen by YOU!**

This course topic was selected based on a poll where our community voted for the topics that resonate most.

Now, let's explore together the most exciting parts of what you'll be learning and how to apply it practically to your spiritual, magical, or religious practice.

In Ritual 101, you'll discover:

**The Ritual Manifestation Template**: Learn a structured approach to ritual crafting that can be tailored to your unique spiritual, magical, or religious system.

**Step-by-Step Practical Techniques**: Dive into actionable steps to manifest your desires with precision and clarity.

**Belief and Faith Building Practices**: Strengthen your belief in your ability to manifest and overcome doubt.

**Incorporating Prayer and Meditation**: Learn how to integrate prayer and meditation into your rituals for enhanced manifestation.

**Tips, Reminders, and Best Practices**: Avoid common pitfalls and stay aligned with your intentions for consistent results.

This course is designed to take you beyond theory, providing you with replicable steps and a solid framework to create powerful rituals.

You'll walk away with a deep understanding of the science behind manifestation and the practical skills to manifest your dreams.


I've been trying to cut these classes down, and if you've been in previous classes with us you know ALL OF THEM ARE 7+ HOURS of content.

So this time around, instead of trying to edit the content, I decided to give us more time to work with.

I don't have a set time just yet, (looking at planetary hours) but most likely will be between 3-4PM EST (East Coast) on Both days to give us all time to have our Day hop into class for a couple hours, then continue with our evening.

If you cannot make it to one or both classes,

You can still grab your ticket to get access to the Class Replay, where you can chat with other students, ask further questions and over time I will add additional support and content to

Join us for Ritual 101 and unlock the magic of ritual manifestation in a way that's actionable, practical, and tailored to your spiritual path.

The Early Bird Pricing is only available for the first 48 hours! 

Stay tuned for the exact time of the class, coming soon.

Can't wait to see you there!

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