Lunar/Moon Sigil Post-it® Note Pads

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Lunar/Moon Sigil Post-it® Note Pads
Lunar/Moon Sigil Post-it® Note Pads
Lunar/Moon Sigil Post-it® Note Pads
Lunar/Moon Sigil Post-it® Note Pads
Lunar/Moon Sigil Post-it® Note Pads

Charge your desires with our Planetary Sigil Post-it Notepads! Featuring Custom and Ancient Symbols, Sigils and more attuned to the Energy and Frequency of the Moon!


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  • 3" x 3" (Normal Post-It Size)
  • 4" x 6"

These Post-It Notes can be Used in Petitions, Workings, Intention Setting, Gratitude Exercises and More!


Please Note: The Design of the Sigils are Printed with Low Transparency to be able to write on easily.



The 3” x 3” can be used for short petitions/workings

The 4” x 6” are for those who want to write longer ideas/petitions.

The Themes Associated with Lunar Energy Include (but are not limited to)

  • The Subconscious, Soul, Memory, reflection, habits
  • Emotions, imagination, moods.
  • Behaviour, Reactions, Instincts.
  • Motherhood, Feminine Principle
  • Family life, Mother, Child, Upbringing
  • Opinions, Traditions, Customs
  • Popularity, Emotional Atmosphere, Large Groups of People
  • Food and Food Supply
  • Changeability, Phases, Rhythm. 

That means that if your intention includes one of the above themes or any other theme associated with the Moon, these Post-Its are a perfect addition.


The 50-sheet bundle of sticky notes comes in two sizes, 3" x 3" (normal post it size) and 4" x 6" sizes for big and small petitions, desires, affirmations or other notes. 


They have the 3M Post-it Note adhesive that won't peel on its own but will come off easily without leaving stains. Each sticker has a branded Post-it Note backing sheet.


.: Material: 75.2 gsm white uncoated paper
.: Available in 2 different sizes
.: One printed side, one design on all sheets
.: 3M Post-it Note adhesive
.: Branded Post-it Note backing sheet
.: Each note pad includes 50 sheets
.: Sustainable paper from FSC® and SFI® certified facilities
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts
.: NB! Each pad features a slip-sheet on the top for internal sorting purposes

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