♀ Planetary Magick 101: Unlock the Secrets of the Cosmos ♀

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♀ Planetary Magick 101: Unlock the Secrets of the Cosmos ♀
♀ Planetary Magick 101: Unlock the Secrets of the Cosmos ♀

May 2024's Live Class is HERE!

🪐 **Planetary Magick 101: Unlock the Secrets of the Cosmos** 🪐

This class already happened! To get access to the replay of the 10 hour, 2 day class replay and more content for you to explore on your own,

Simply grab your replay ticket!

At checkout, you will receive a pdf with the classroom link and classroom code. Once you're in, you'll have access to all class files, additional resources and links and the ability to ask questions and fellowship with fellow Planetary Mages!

In this immersive course, you'll learn:

1. **Planetary Correspondences:** Explore the symbolism, mythology, and energies of each of the seven ancient planets.

2. **Practical Spellwork:** Discover how to craft planetary talismans, perform rituals, and create altars for effective magick.

3. **Planetary Divination:** Explore how lunar mansions and planetary transits can help us confirm our spell work.

4. **Extracting Planetary Lessons from Mythos:** We will Discuss how to extract planetary lessons from mythos, no matter the origin, to enhance your spiritual practice and daily routines.

**For #RisingRituals Fans:** If you loved our #RisingRituals ClubHouse Rooms, this class is the in-depth Version!

Dive deeper into the background of planetary energy and discover how to apply it in ritual work and daily life.

This class welcomes all spiritual backgrounds, offering a practical gems for everyone.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your magickal knowledge and connect with like-minded souls.

Reserve your spot today! 🌙

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