SpellBound Soaps (Nov Update)

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SpellBound Soaps (Nov Update)
SpellBound Soaps (Nov Update)
SpellBound Soaps (Nov Update)
SpellBound Soaps (Nov Update)
SpellBound Soaps (Nov Update)
SpellBound Soaps (Nov Update)
SpellBound Soaps (Nov Update)

These handcrafted Soaps were created with King Solomon in mind! So many of you have watched the process of creating these soaps via livestream and encouraged me to release them earlier than expected Ase! Intro Price, 1st come, 1st Serve!

This Spell in A Bar may be for you if you

  • Dont always have the Time or Tub for a Full Spiritual Bath
  • Need a Ritual Cleansing before a ritual 
  • Are a Baby Bruja who is new to rituals for manifestation
  • Are a Broom Closet Bruja and you dont have the privacy to go full candle spell mode.

We create these soaps with Olive Oil, Hemp Oil, Shea Butter, and Honey Soap bases, depending on the Intention of the Soap. Make no mistake though, these are not Intention Soaps. The reason they are called SpellBound Soaps is that we actually consecrate, spell and charge the soap base and finished Soaps!

Remember that your shower alone is a ritual. I get most of my ideas for the store while I'm showering! This soap is the closest you can get to accessing my actual spell work!


For Now, Please use the drop down to choose the SpellBound Soap that you would like to purchase! No 2 bars are the same or aesthetically perfect, the same as your spellwork!  2 soaps are missing images but yall rushed me so here we are! lol We also added a couple of travel size bars, limited quanitity! This week's soap is



Previous Post Information: this can also be found in the Spellwork Descriptions post on our blog.

We will also include a couple Soaps finally ready for debut featuring herbs scents+ oils Plus Gold and Silver leaf for Empress Makeda! We've named it The Queen of South: Wisdom Power Glory So make sure you use the drop down menu! It features herbs like Cinnamon, Frankincense, Myrhh, Aloe vera base, Roses, Jasmine, Lavender + more! The infused oil features actual 24k Gold + Silver Leaf, which will be added to the soap base.

Tying back to Ancient Kemet + Ushering The Kemetic New Year 6260, We'll also have a couple of Soaps + Candles with Herbs from Kemet charged w this Lions gate energy with the Intention of an offering of thanks w a petition of Abundance Rebirth + Protection as we step into 6260! Choose from Nefertiti (Pharaoh Queen, Revoltion, High Priestess, Beauty, Self love), Eye of Ra (protection  connection to the five senses, tapping into "6th sense", or Scarab (protection/transformation/spiritual influence rebirth)

Other Soaps Available via the drop down menu


 The Lapis Lazuli Soap, a HEMP OIL Soap infused with Lapis Lazuli dust. According to Scott Cunningham's Crystal Encyclopedia, Lapis Lazuli has been used for thousands of years by Royalty as a protective and psychic talisman. Lapis Lazuli was revered by our Ancestors in Ancient Kemet and used to protect warriors, children, travelers, as well as promote fidelity within romantic relationships. It has also been said to heighten psychic ability and protect from psychic attack. It is best known as a throat chakra stone that helps us clear blockages that arise from not speaking our truth or trusting our intuition. Fresh Linen Fragrance

  Protect that Neck Soap: Created with Olive Oil and Shea Butter, this soap didn't set completely which separated the Lavender infused Shea Butter Base and the Olive Oil Base which was scented with Frankincense and Dragons' Blood. That being said #oomf suggested we sell it as a Day and Night Protection Soap, using the Lavender Shea Base at night and The Olive Oil in the Day Time. Bars will vary!


 Shadow Work Soap: with herbs for introspection, psychic connection, release, and healing, the shadow work soap can help support you as you work through self love and acceptance of those parts of yourself that society deems unnacceptable. Recognize you were created WHOLE and all of the aspects of your personality are present for a reason!

ROAD Opener Soap: A soap meant to be used on Mondays or Wednesdays. I usually recommend a road opener when you have multiple goals/tasks/intentions. "Open up the road in all directions to my abundance and blessings and close off the roads that no longer serve me" is pretty much the mantra, affirmation and spell within these soaps.

 Baby Bar is technically a Bruja Bar because it doesnt get "spelled" per se, but all my love for the Hood Botanica Nieces and Nephews poured in while I was creating. Featuring calming and protective herbs for baby, natural coloring and a light lavender scent, this Oatmeal + Shea based soap is gentle enough to use for baby but I would definitely do a lil test first to be sure there are no allergies. Rose lavender, cinquefoil, red raspberry leaf, dandelion, calendula, anise, spearmint all gentle enough for baby are included.

 King S Kut and Cleanse Soap: This Aloe Vera Based Soap was created with King Solomon and Empress Makeda in Mind. Featuring Herbs prescribed in The Key Of Solomon The King for Holy Water creation + Consecration, This Soap is consecrated to cleanse us in the Manner of The King to get us prepared for the tasks that are about to come.

and Last but Most Certainly not least, The King of Glory Solomonic Road Opener Soap. This Bar was Spelled to the 5th Pentacle of Mercury, what I like to call the Solomonic Road Opener. This special soap for the King includes embedded frankincense tears and 24 Karat Gold Leaf, which is why it is a different price. This powerful soap contains all of the herbs prescribed to make Holy Water for Use with the Seals and was consecrated and activated during our group spell!