Personal Book of Shadows (Digital/Printable)

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Personal Book of Shadows (Digital/Printable)
Personal Book of Shadows (Digital/Printable)
Personal Book of Shadows (Digital/Printable)
Personal Book of Shadows (Digital/Printable)
Personal Book of Shadows (Digital/Printable)

✨Unlock the magic within with our digital Book of Shadows✨

featuring 100 pages for you to record your personal rituals, spells, herb lists, crystal lists, dreams, and more!

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your mystical journey, this digital companion is perfect for organizing your spiritual practices.

Designed for use on a tablet or for printing, our Book of Shadows offers flexibility and convenience. Print pages as many times as you like to create a personalized, ever-evolving guide to your spiritual path.

As a token of our gratitude, this digital Book of Shadows is offered to you for free! 

We've also included a "tip" option at checkout, should you feel inclined to offer an energetic exchange for the hard work that went into creating this product.

❤️ Your support helps us continue to create resources that inspire and empower our community. ❤️

This Book of Shadows is the perfect companion to our "Ritual 101 Formulae for Manifestation" 2-day class, enhancing your learning experience and providing a practical tool for implementing the teachings from the class into your daily practice.

Thank you for choosing The Hood Botanica as your guide on your mystical journey.

I'm excited for you to Embrace the magic within and Start to Change your World!

After you check out, you will be instructed to download the File, as well as you will be sent a back up file in your email inbox, so be sure to check your spam and promotions folders!

Click through the photos to see some example pages!

There will be two files, one is best for Digital use and the other best if you're going to Print this out physically. They are noted in the file name.

**Digital Product/Intellectual Property Disclaimer:**

All content in this digital Book of Shadows, including text, images, and design, is the property of The Hood Botanica and is protected by copyright laws. T

his digital product is for personal use only and may not be copied, distributed, or shared without prior written permission from The Hood Botanica.

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