Pre- Order: Lion's Gate Portal 2024 (All Products)

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Pre- Order: Lion's Gate Portal 2024 (All Products)
Pre- Order: Lion's Gate Portal 2024 (All Products)
Pre- Order: Lion's Gate Portal 2024 (All Products)
Pre- Order: Lion's Gate Portal 2024 (All Products)

Note this is a Pre-Order! Products will not start being created until after the Summer Solstice and won't be shipping until July!

Its that time of year again where we create the Lion's Gate Portal Products during this Powerful portal!

I wrote a bit about the Lions Gate Portal here, if you'd like to learn more!

This year I'm creating an LGP-only shop update per yall's request.

Only our Anointing Oils & Charmed Candles will be available for this update.

You can find all LIONS GATE PORTAL products in the drop down here.


The Lions Gate Portal Products feature a special blend of organic herbs sourced specifically sourced from Egypt.



  • Anointing Oils
  • Charmed Candles 

The Lion's Gate Portal itself is filled with Manifestation capabilities of all kinds. 

For these products we focus on the intentions of

  • New Beginnings
  • "Abundance" (a general term that can be applied to your specific desires)
  • Financial Prosperity (grants, loans, funding, raises, New customers etc)
  • New Creations (businesses, artistry, influence, promotions, jobs, etc)
  • Ancestral Protection
  • Divine Guidance (Ideas, Intuition, trust)

Usually I like to keep intentions seperate or layer 2-3 intentions,

but this time is so powerful it really lends to the Creation of our Biggest Dreams. The blog post dives deeper into the Ancient Beliefs surrounding this Time.

A lot of clients shared with me that they held onto their lions gate portal items until something big came along;

as an FYI I would also suggest to hold on to these products for use outside of the Lions' Gate Portal; because the actual time June 21- August 12th is is already so potent!

Save them for when other transits or themes are providing obstacles!!

Please note these products are made to order with care.

Products will not start shipping until July!

Please read our terms and conditions if its your first time purchasing with us